UPDATE 3.6.2

What’s New:

  • Add bomb crater
  • Add carpet bombing reduces enemy base health
  • Add 250kg bomb for Ki-43 standard and premium
  • Add 250kg bomb for A6M2 standard and premium
  • Remove bomber spawn for Gloucester base NG1944
  • Add RAAF skin for P-39
  • Add P38 Reward
  • Add P47 Premium RAAF skin
  • Closer dot to plane transition
  • Fix Bf110 hangar pedal graphics bug
  • Fix Hellcat 20mm has no gun convergence bug
  • Fix P40 hangar graphics bug
  • Fix glitches
  • Other bug fixes and various improvements

Bomb craters and base damage when being carpet bombing

30167235_10156327782046202_2679217609024991310_o 30624195_224425828313621_5783884092875501980_n

This new update features bomb craters for both rockets and bombs. Craters size and their existent time are depended on the bomb size. Players could team up together and bombing enemy bases or creating craters as obstacles to prevent your opponents fighter plane to takeoff.

Any damage to enemy base barracks or buildings will reduce enemy base health that could help your team to capture the base faster.

Reward item for high XP owner


Over the time, we will add more XP planes to award them to very high XP owners who have been playing Wings Of Duty since the beginning. The XP price of these planes would be reduced over time, but still maintain at very high value for awarding purpose only. If these item fiction skins, it will be only for Arcade mode, however, more realistic skin reward items would be able to join Historic and Realistic mode as well.

New XP unlockable skins

As requested from many players, we added more Royal Australian Air Force skins in the update.

30167931_1807563946212833_2771785207201625124_o 30415553_2013443948690531_5268130868647428096_n